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Glasses Moverio BT-35E, V11H935040 :: Smart Eyewear / Glasses :: Industrial Communication
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Glasses Moverio BT-35E, V11H935040

Artikel-Nr. PVD-ICN.A0BT35E005
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Material: Si-OLED
Panel size: 0.43" wide panel (16:9)
Pixel count: Horizontal 1280 x 720
Angle of view: approx. 23 degrees (diagonally)
Virtual screen size: 40 inch at 2.5 m -
320 inch at 20 m
Color reproduction: 24 bit color
Connector ports: USB-C, HDMI Type A, Micro-B,
4 pole mini jack
Operating temperature: 5 to 35 degrees
Power voltage: 5VDC
Exterior dimensions: (W × D × H)
Headset 193mm × 189mm × 30mm,
Controller 85mm × 52mm × 15mm
Mass: Headset 119g (without cables),
Controller 45g
(without batteries, 1 battery is approx. 50g)
IP-protection: IP×2 (Headset only)
Included items: Headset, interface box,
AC adapter,
USB power supply cable, shade unit, belt clip,
carrying case (not waterproof)

Warranty: 2 years Carry-in
    Garantie 24 Monate
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